Staying healthy and fit is hard, it requires strong commitment and time. There’s no getting around that fact. If you are currently on a fitness journey, I commend you because girl, it takes work. Every day, you… View Post

Friday My mom arrived on the train from Connecticut to visit our new apartment and help me look for my wedding dress. I counted down the hours until she arrived on Friday afternoon. I had… View Post

Today’s post is just a little bit of info about me as a human. You can read information here but this is more of a random smattering of fun facts. If you’re wondering why I… View Post

Peanut butter is my favorite food arch nemesis. It is one of those foods that makes me want to shove handfuls of it into my mouth. While I do not do this (anymore) I do… View Post

I use fitness and health apps every day, honestly I would be a little lost without them! Some help me stay accountable with my diet while others aid in my actual workouts. Everyone needs support when… View Post